Bennett Media Studio

Bennett Media Studio located in West Village, New York City, is a 5-story facility offering 11,000 square feet of space with bright light, elegant architectural details and multimedia amenities. Clients include ABC, CBS, NBC, BET, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Sony, Verizon, Netflix, Unilever, LG, Coke-Cola, NFL, and many more. 

The site has a traditional navigation at the top to view each of the studio’s floors. A secondary visual navigation is also present as the user scrolls down the page, inspired by the small elevator that connects the 5 spacious floors. The site begins at the top floor, featuring the Penthouse and Terrace, and as the user scrolls they can view each descending floor, its amenities, and floorplan. Showcasing the space for prospective clients is key, therefore the website is image-focused, taking advantage of large full screen images in gallery views.